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released February 17, 2015

Tom Brent - Pretty well everything except for:

Mike Shawcross - Hella drumming

Mastered by Brad Boatright -

And everyone else who helped out in their own small ways at some point in the process. You know who you are because I told you about it and I appreciate you on a level above and beyond mentioning you here because I'm too lazy to do that here.



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Track Name: We Are The Villains
the king is dead
cuz we killed him
off with his head
now we are the villains
oh how he bled
and it thrilled us
off with his head
now we are the villains

over and over again
you always do the same damn thing
overthrow your own friends
double standards to the end
always wearing your disguise
this will be your demise
the ones you idolize become the ones you victimize

the queen is dead
cuz we killed her
off with her head
now we are the villains
oh how she bled
and it thrilled us
off with her head
now we are the villains

you choose to be what you destroy
cheap theatrics you employ
you cannot see what you create
you have become the thing you hate
you’re blind to all you love
and all your wisdom from above
it’s cheap and used and you’ve abused your right we’ve had enough

oh how you bled
and it thrilled us
off with your heads
you are the villains
the queen is dead
cuz we killed her
the king is dead
now we are the villains
Track Name: Blood In The Water
you are the reason
we are the bleeding
and this is the season
you've started the reaping
what we sow is who you are
what you hunt is what is ours
nothing you say can heal these scars

There’s blood in the water, it’s time to sink or swim
We’re lost in the deep end, where the ice is paper thin
This isn’t how we chose to live, we didn’t choose to die
If you try to choose for us again well, we’ll put up a fight

Fight for survival, here in the wild
I can see it; the bloodlust in your eyes
Shoot to kill, shoot to thrill, these brains weren't meant to spill
All over the ground
Track Name: Throw It All Away
oh no, not me, I’m not the one you want to be
I’m reluctant not triumphant not the one you want to see
I don't want to talk about war and politics
I want to sing about love and innocence

this phase is so contagious is this really how you raised us?
first you claim to save us then you throw it all away.
you degrade us then parade us in a maze of hate conflated with
and traded with your faded overrated clichés

oh no, here we are again, the same place we started in,
with broken backs and broken lives, all of this is so contrived
the inspiration is gone, all our friends have jumped the gun
they’ve said their sad goodbyes and gone away to the rest of their lives
Track Name: All Hope Is Gone
caught in the trenches
a million miles ago
blood and guts and mud and rust
horrors I'll never know
again the sounds of bombs and guns
and the ghosts that surrounded us
I hear the echoes in my head
the cries and screaming of the dead

this is a war
against everything you are
just admit that you are done
just admit you're the one

who’s going to die
come on, just end your life
why are you so afraid?
you do it all the time
come on and blow your mind
this is the time for your demise
and all the lies you tell yourself
to send you straight to hell

this is a war
against everything you are
just admit that you are done
just admit you're the one
that’s on the killing floor
your hands covered in gore
go ahead, just try to run
from the games you play for fun

it’s over, you’re bleeding
it’s time to stop the feeding
All hope is gone, you are the one
there’s no one left to lean on
Track Name: Martyrs
all of the bullets
and all of the knives
can never make up for
all of the lives

you sacrifice your sons
and you sacrifice your daughters
you don't understand
we're not your martyrs

every smile you fake
all the lives you take
can never make up for
all of your hate
Track Name: Awakening
Here I am all alone
In this house that’s not a home
I am out of my mind
Please don’t leave me behind
Like you did the last time
Try to hit that rewind
I am not what I am
This is not what I planned
I have broken my hands
I forgot how to stand
On my own two feet
I am incomplete
I am defeated
I am depleted
Here on my own
I am overthrown

All I fear
it’s all in here
This place is such a mess
All I hear
Inside of my head
Is wanting and depressed

The ghosts inside of my mind
They whisper things, all of the time
Who I’ve been, where to begin?
This is the start of my Awakening.
Track Name: I Am The Anti-Christ
you said I'd be okay
you said I'd feel no pain
you pulled out all of these pins and handed me this grenade
you made me all these things
you gave me lives and diamond rings
you put the gun into my hand and pulled the trigger on all your plans

I am the anti-christ
my veins are cold as ice
I took your sad advice
it’s time to pay the price

all I'm doing is bleeding
every drop of blood onto the floor
every single one of them and then you ask for more
and just when I think I've had enough
that's when you start playing rough
I am all alone in this twisted fucked up home

You are the anti-christ
your veins are cold as ice
I took your sad advice
it’s time to pay the price